Saturday, July 3, 2010

morning coffee, blogging, and JEFFREY CAMPBELL!?!?

Good morning all!

It's early. My eyes have barely adjusted to the glow of the computer screen...and then I stumble across Jeffrey Campbell's F/W 2010 collection - I'm at full alert now! OMG, I've already got at least 5 pairs on my must-have list... like these vintage inspired boots below...ahhhhh-mazing.

I'm also loving the chunky, wooden heels. I want them all!

What I love most about JC is that his shoes seem to blend seamlessly with styled vintage clothing. It's like PB and Jelly - but JC and vintage. Can't wait to get my hands on this collection! You can download the entire collection here.

Jo and I are off to do an early morning lookbook shoot. Stay tuned for the results!

xo leah

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  1. AH! Those boots! I can't wait for fall!! :)