Thursday, July 29, 2010

We haven't been ignoring you...we promise!

as you can see from my last post, jo and i have had a busy summer so far! now we are consumed with making Vintage Tribe bigger and better! we are getting a facelift with help from our very talented graphic designer friend, tara...and we are making some big moves that will have to be kept under wraps for a bit more!

we are so excited to share these changes with you - so stay won't be too much longer!

we've also made some great purchases that will take our pictures to a new level..and we'd love some feedback when we post a preview to our next's gonna be the very best to date!

hope summer is treating you as well as it's treating us! i'll leave you with a few pics that have been inspiring me lately.. <3

pics:, ffind, life

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